Social workers and case workers have a challenging role, balancing complex client needs with administration and compliance. It can be hard for them to see how they are succeeding in their work.

Time consuming, frustrating compliance can lead to unnecessary stress. Unproductive and incomplete software can lead to a feeling of “I could be helping more.” CaseFlow® was born from this need.

CaseFlow is the solution to:

  • Mistakes and missed deadlines
  • Disorganized data
  • Inefficient field work
  • Non-compliance
  • Time-consuming reporting
  • Unsecured client data
  • Case continuity
  • Training new staff
  • Poor professionalism
  • Spreadsheets and clumsy software
  • Missed client opportunities
  • Burnout!!!
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The typical human service organization is under-staffed, under-funded and under-secured. Case workers must contend with the constant struggle to document thoroughly and securely, rigorous compliance with government standards, the worry of updating case studies, the tedious nature of reporting, the pressure of deadlines, and the ever-present emotional drains (and dangers) of working with needy people.

New workers require time-consuming training in matters of compliance for their employer’s field of service. If these factors are not enough to discourage them, case workers are usually dependent upon outdated, clumsy and unproductive software. Case workers are doing a superhuman job, but where is their support system?

CaseFlow exists to provide a robust framework for case worker success and professionalism.