The team at CaseFlow® works with you to make the software a core part of delivering the best possible human service outcomes.

Tailored solution

TableTrans - Click for larger imageWe take the time to understand your need so the software will add the most value and productivity to your organization. CaseFlow is “custom-tailored” to your workflows.

Tailoring begins with selection of your program module(s). CaseFlow designers and Subject Matter Experts are continually building a library of ‘plug-in’ case management program modules. The modules you select all load from a single, user-friendly case interface. Although the workflows will be different for each module, each of them function the same way to make learning simple. If no program module currently exists for your particular need, our flexible and extensible framework allows us to quickly build one to best fit your need.

After selecting program modules, we configure them for you. Your policies and requests will help us fine-tune the workflows, configure security policies, and set up a broad range of features. You can also supply your document templates, which we will install into the workflow tasks for you.

We handle all workflow setup for you, so you will not have to learn or maintain any complicated template/checklist construction methodologies. However, you have the ability to further customize CaseFlow yourself at any time!

Getting to Work

CaseFlow requires no special equipment–you can use your existing computers, iPads and smartphones to access this cloud-based service. All you need to do is give your staff user accounts and roles in the system and let them get started.

You undoubtedly have current cases. You won’t be starting over. We can import that data for you, saving time and potential re-keying errors. CaseFlow can import your archived cases as well for easy retrieval.

If you use a third-party software to accept online applications and documentation, CaseFlow can import those also, building the cases automatically.

Training and Support

We provide web-based and optional on-site training as part of your implementation. Each subscription includes access to support systems for self-help or to interact with our Customer Care technicians. And we also install free updates for you, to keep the software up-to-date with the latest security and web standards.