CaseFlow® can be deployed anywhere around the world. It is a secure browser-based system which we adapt to the location and social need. CaseFlow can be used in:

  • Any human service
  • Any size organization, from individual/professional through large enterprise/government
  • Any country

CaseFlow unites workflows across the globe so you have a single point of data entry and document management. Additionally, CaseFlow can be set up for a need across different locations with different policies.

For example… an adoption agency may choose an array of placement programs for Colombia, Mexico and Honduras. Though each has a different workflow, documents and reports to comply with that nation’s laws, there is only one user-friendly interface to learn.

No matter what type of clients you are serving, we can guide you with compliant workflows. Human trafficking, youth programs, domestic violence, elder care, livelihood training, residential shelters, food banks, addiction support, education, … whatever your focus, your clients’ cases, can be managed with greater ease using CaseFlow.