Software for summer camp management

The challenge

Summer camps face a yearly flurry of intense preparations. Seeking staff/volunteers requires paying strict attention to detail or running risks. Accepting applications, conducting interviews, running background checks, training and communicating is exhausting. Preparing camp schedules, budgets and potentially securing donors takes buckets of additional time. And that all has to happen before camper registrations and check in!


The solution

CaseFlow has developed a system which streamlines and saves camps 25% of their management time. Camps searching for automation want something that requires no technical expertise to implement, yet provides the flexibility to encompass all the details and documents they need to track. And it has to be affordable for limited budgets.


CaseFlow offers features that give any camp organization what it needs to master their seasonal workload:


  • We set up the software for you, fully tailored. You can start using it quickly.
  • Import applications and registrations via third-party online forms or spreadsheets.
  • Track camp budgets, fees, meds and medical histories, camper/counselor/cabin assignments, luggage, photos, T-shirt orders, inventory etc.
  • Automate your template documents and review processes.
  • Enjoy a large report assortment, including camp rosters, schedules and much more.
  • Track staff qualifications, roles and training.
  • A custom version is available for Royal Family KIDS® camps.


Expected outcomes

After implementation a camp can expect to conduct camp with less risk. Precious volunteer time won’t be squandered on inefficient paper-pushing, scant training and mistakes. Cover all the bases in vetting staff. And when registration starts you can quickly maintain cabin/counselor/camper rosters. Managing camper medications needn’t be as daunting.

Safety and professionalism

Enhance your image and your confidence in outcomes.
Track and recall every item at a moment’s notice.

25% operational boost

Lower your costs, increase your capacity.
CaseFlow quickly pays for itself!

End burnout 

Decrease paperwork stress, reduce attrition, regain time for what matters to you!

“Customer support is beyond expectation, the platform is easy to use, reports are everything, customization is painless, security between authorized users and admins are so precise and unbreachable, … you and the CaseFlow team can make CaseFlow everything your organization needs it to be.”

Kat Snead, Administrative Assistant, Royal Family KIDS® Camp #93 – The Bay Church

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