Foster Care Software

The challenge

Government requirements are the main driver for foster care organizations. While garnering volunteers to foster children is a monumental task in itself, justified regulations and foster parent training slow the process. Organizations that mobilize foster care need software to help track the progress of candidates through licensing, and after matching with a child, to supply them with the necessary monitoring and resources to ensure their success.


The solution

CaseFlow has developed a system which streamlines and saves foster care mobilization organizations 25% of their case management time. Agencies searching for a way to organize and automate want something that requires no technical expertise to implement. And it has to be affordable, because funding is notoriously slim.


CaseFlow offers standard and optional features that give any foster care organization what it needs to track all details and keep licensing progressing:


  • We set up the software for you, in compliance with your local regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure every step of the licensing process is completed with no surprises.
  • Field work is possible from any laptop, tablet or smartphone, enabling you to make home visits productive.
  • CaseFlow can complete any of your organization’s reports or government reports from a click.
  • Track background checks, supporting documents and training completion.
  • Use guest access or online forms to enable candidates to easily and securely submit documents.


Expected outcomes

After implementation a foster care organization will realize less time spent on administration, resulting in more time to spend on recruitment and training, boosting foster parent numbers. You will have fewer worries in regard to government compliance as you will be reminded of necessary steps. Mainly, outcomes for foster children will be

Safety and professionalism

Enhance your image and your confidence in outcomes. Track and recall every item at a moment’s notice.

25% operational boost

Lower your costs, increase your capacity.
CaseFlow quickly pays for itself!

End burnout 

Decrease paperwork stress, reduce attrition, regain time for what matters to you!

“Since the implementation back in April of 2018 we have seen a substantial increase in our efficiency pertaining to time-management due to the CaseFlow software…  CaseFlow has increased productivity by 30 to 40% over the last year and a half. It has become a game-changer for Building Arizona Families.”

Adam Scarry, Director of Operations, Building Arizona Families

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