CaseFlow® Implementation

We make it possible for case workers to do their jobs with less stress over paperwork.
In turn, that freedom spills over into more satisfying and effective client relationships. We are helping the helpers. 

Getting started with CaseFlow®

You will find that getting started with CaseFlow is largely dependent on your schedule. CaseFlow’s technically superior architecture allows us to set up new customers or make any change quickly and safely. Here is how we will help you…

CaseFlow® is cloud-based and secure, which allows you to use it anytime–during field work using a tablet or smartphone, from across the world, or in your local office. There is nothing for you to install. CaseFlow works with modern Windows and Macintosh computers and browsers.

When you subscribe to CaseFlow you have the confidence that your business and data are supported by the best available servers. Our uptime, reliability and security rival any service available.

You won’t need a programmer or web developer to get started. We do all the heavy lifting for you. If you are using workflows from our library, with little or no customization, you can be operational quickly. Here is the process:

Place your order:

 1. Complete our basic setup information sheet and user spreadsheet.

 2. Schedule training with our onboarding team.

 3. Attend training (generally within one week from your order).

 4. We activate your user accounts and credentials are emailed automatically to your staff.

 5. Login and begin using CaseFlow.

If any of your workflows require substantial customization we will coordinate an activation date with you for those workflows. Your staff would be able to begin using any workflows as they are completed. Construction of the new workflows will require collaboration with you to ensure we understand your processes. Our designers typically gain understanding of what you need by talking with you and reviewing any templates you currently use.


Plan on a week for completion of a new workflow, given the necessity of collaboration and the related back-and-forth communications. Actual workflow customization time including all data-capture tasks and forms generally ranges from 8-24 hours. This estimate does not include custom reports, automations, integration or data import.


Additionally, many customers have Word templates and/or Excel spreadsheets that they want to auto-fill for their own use or for government compliance. We provide instructions for you to handle the Word document auto-fill on your own if you wish, but we can also do that work for you.

Changes to your software are handled easily from our side, and they won’t interrupt your daily work. For example, if you require an emergency addition, such as a field for capturing a new data item or a new data form, we can generally upgrade your site within one business day. In addition, CaseFlow can push the change through all your cases to ensure all are updated.

Some customers face a problem in using cloud-based software—Internet service is unreliable or expensive in their location. We have a solution for you that may help. CaseFlow can export Excel versions of many screens, which can be completed “off-line.” Later, when Internet service is available, or even just to minimize Internet access time, those same spreadsheets can be re-imported to CaseFlow, updating the cases to which they belong.

CaseFlow incorporates a powerful Business Rule language that enables you to enjoy a virtually unlimited range of automation and integration options—all seamless! You won’t have to exit from CaseFlow to exercise any of these features.


In many cases, the features you require are already built-in or require minimal setup work, such as:

– Excel spreadsheet import/export

– Google spreadsheet import

– Online form import

– Automatic and manual email notifications

– Guest access

– Auto-filled documents

– Document review process

– Mailing list generation

– Barcode scanner support

– Others…


Dreaming of a way to improve your process, but you don’t know how to accomplish it? Talk to one of our engineers and we can provide a quote on time to accomplish it for you.

Customers almost always wish to import existing data stored in one or more spreadsheets or databases. CaseFlow can accommodate imports from such sources. The import process will build cases, client pages and forms from that information automatically, saving rekeying time and errors. Get up and running with the minimum of effort! Contact us for an estimate of the customization hours required to setup or complete the import for you.

Support is included with every CaseFlow subscription.


• Standard support – A handy built-in email form is available to all users from within CaseFlow. Submissions of this form are automatically routed to one email address at your site, which will function as your internal first level of support. That technical contact may then use the same form to contact CaseFlow Support for second-level support. CaseFlow provides one business-day response time via email for non-critical issues.


• Premium support – Contact us to structure a custom support relationship! This may include phone support and direct end-user support.

CaseFlow security incorporates a wide range of features: full-time data encryption, role-based access, strong passwords, automatic case and system log files, preventive features built into the architecture, and server-side security—all standard features for every client. If you need ultra-secure connections filtered by IP address, let us know and we will be happy to enable that additional security measure for you. And, if you require a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, let us know. This is an extra-cost documentary option.

We make moving easy 

Needs Analysis

We help you select the best structure and program modules to fit your organization.

Database migration or setup

We can migrate your existing data and documents.

Support team

We train you and provide ongoing support for the life of your subscription. Need adjustments along the way? No problem!


Any questions? Ready to get started?

We thrive on helping case workers do more, with less stress.