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You have built a great service that really meets human need, but are you getting beaten up by a mountain of paperwork? People work faster and stronger with good tools. CaseFlow was designed for exactly what you do.


Whether you call it “case management” or “client tracking” or just “workflow,” CaseFlow organizes and automates it to your specifications to make you more productive and less stressed. Your organization will  have greater transparency and fewer bottlenecks. CaseFlow provides the administrative and case management tools you crave.



CaseFlow has developed a system which streamlines and saves agencies 25% of their case management time. Agencies searching for a process upgrade want something that requires no technical expertise to set up, yet provides the flexibility to encompass all the details and notes they need to track. And it has to be affordable even to the smallest professional office.


CaseFlow offers features that give any agency, any size, anywhere what it needs to document and track caseflows:


  • We set up the software for you, fully tailored to your field of expertise and preferences.
  • All details and documents of your client and their case are simply organized. They are quick to find and update.
  • Monitor each case with at-a-glance status. Ensure compliance with government mandates.
  • Auto-complete your Word document templates from case data.
  • Enjoy standard and custom reports.
  • Set up automated notifications and online form imports.
  • Integrate third-party software and hardware.


Expected outcomes

After implementation an agency can expect to spend less time on mundane paperwork tasks and reporting. This enables you to regain more time to maintain your own sanity. You will have more time for quality interactions with your clients. You will have reduced exposure to risks due to CaseFlow helping you stay organized.


What do you do?

No matter whether you find your area of influence listed here on our Solution pages or not, it makes no difference. CaseFlow was designed from the ground-up to bring best practices to your organization.

Safety and professionalism

Enhance your image and your confidence in outcomes. Track and recall every item at a moment’s notice.

25% operational boost

Lower your costs, increase your capacity.
CaseFlow quickly pays for itself!

End burnout 

Decrease paperwork stress, reduce attrition, regain time for what matters to you!

“I started using this software shortly after accepting my position. I have used other case management software programs in other jobs but I honestly feel CaseFlow encapsulates everything you need to stay organized. I like the layout and the simplicity of it. Even those who are not tech savvy will find it easy to navigate.”

Sarah Volesky, Social Worker, Building Arizona Families

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