CaseFlow® features

CaseFlow helps you, the case worker or case work manager, equip your team, improve efficiency, lower stress and uncertainty, and save at least 25% of the case management staffs’ time.

At-a-glance status

CaseFlow® shows you the up-to-the-minute status of every case. All workflows are tailored to the way you work so you won’t miss tracking important tasks.

Keep cases moving

Never miss target dates or appointments. Be alerted if outside agencies you depend on are putting you behind. See exactly what is next up for any case.

Reduce stress

Case workers feel on top of their game, reminded of next steps, and able to put their fingers on any detail at a moment’s notice. Automation features cut their time spent on documentation while boosting their professionalism.

Case management flexibility

  • Collect and store any type of data
  • Customize workflows on-the-spot
  • Switch workflows for changing client needs
  • Easily accommodate new compliance mandates


  • Integrate your existing document templates
  • Auto-fill documents –stuff your documents with case information, saving rekeying time and preventing errors.
  • What goes in, comes out—CaseFlow provides you the ability pull any case information out into Microsoft Word or Excel documents.


Build up-to-the-second reports with just a couple clicks—even government reports that may take days to update manually! Stock reports for each program module, including client demographics, are included at no charge, or you can Build Your Own Report for ad hoc queries without having to learn SQL. We can build custom analytics for a fee.

Remote management

  • Field work – Upload new case information from an iPad or smart phone. You needn’t get behind on paperwork just because you are in the field. Snap a photo, jot details, move on.
  • Remote administrators–be alerted to new document uploads and case updates automatically!

Enlist others

  • Guest Access – Invite participation on cases from stakeholders, professionals and clients. Gain their help on your cases and make it easier for them to work with you as well!
  • Public form import – Cut data entry time and errors by linking a CaseFlow form to your website!


CaseFlow integrates with a wide variety of third-party applications. Import/export to Microsoft and Google applications. Build cases from a button by importing data from online forms. We can even construct interfaces to older legacy applications for those seeking a migration path. Tell us what you need and we can build it.

Staff training and onboarding

  • Case workers come and go. CaseFlow® helps new staff get going with a minimum of supervision. They can pick up a case where the previous case manager left off, and CaseFlow tells them what to do next. Let CaseFlow train your interns in best practices!
  • The universal interface makes cross-training easy.

Technically advanced

  • Built-in Business Rules language enables quick enhancements and reports. CaseFlow accommodates almost any change.
  • Scalable to any size program, from tiny to government
  • Nothing to install, maintenance-free
  • Data import/export and automated case-building
  • Analytics tailored to your programs
  • Integrations with third-party software APIs

Security and disaster

  • World-class servers with the best uptime available
  • Encryption – Never worry about the security of your data because it is always encrypted and backed-up.
  • Role-based security – Access is limited to those you want in… no more.
  • Premises-based security
  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreeement (option)


CaseFlow supports routine business processes too! 

  • Human Resources
  • Volunteer management
  • Email and text notifications or surveys
  • Mailing list generation
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Reimbursements
  • Inventory
  • Secure data storage for third-party applications

Any questions? Ready to get started?

We thrive on helping case workers do more, with less stress.