CaseFlow® FAQs

Here are some answers to the more common questions we receive. 

Please feel free to call us with any specific questions – we’re more than happy to help!

Do I need to know how to do spreadsheets?

No, CaseFlow is not spreadsheet software. If you can use a web browser you have all the skills you need.

What is your implementation time?

That depends mostly upon you. If you subscribe to program modules already in our library we can typically have you going by the time you can schedule your staff for training. If you require a workflow not already in our library, it may take some collaboration time with you to construct them to suit your need. Custom reports and integrations are a similar story. But you will find we are responsive.

Can it auto-complete my Word templates?

Yes. This is available by subscribing to the Document Auto-Fill feature. Any case data can be displayed according to the formats of your document template. We can program this for you or give you the instructions to do it yourself.

How many users am I allowed?

The standard pricing model for CaseFlow® includes a per-user charge. Because of this the pricing can be scaled to the size of the organization. For details, see the Pricing page.

Am I limited in the quantity of documents I upload?


How do you price it?

CaseFlow® follows a cafeteria-style or “à la carte” pricing plan. Subscribe only to the workflows and features you need. This makes the technically superior CaseFlow tools affordable to any size organization. For details, see the Pricing page.

Do you have an ROI calculator?

CaseFlow® typically saves users at least 25% of their case management administration (paperwork) time. To see how you can realize this savings in your work environment, contact us.

Can we consolidate all of our varied services?

CaseFlow® is designed to work with every health and human service, using the same user interface for all.  Because workflows are different for every type of social work, in every locale, we tailor each of your processes to your particular requirements. We can even automate special workflow features for you! Each workflow will contain its own field lists, forms and task lists, though data can be shared across workflows. Thus CaseFlow enables a variety of services without exposing customers to excess programming they do not need. You get custom software without the development expense!

Is my data secure?

Yes, we take standard security precautions to ensure that your data and files remain safe. The CaseFlow® system meets or exceeds the same standards used by banks and health providers. For example, security features include encryption of all data, encrypted backups, role-based access, IP filtering and strong passwords. CaseFlow is hosted on world-class servers. If you require a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, ask us for details

Does it allow my client to login and see their information and upload documents?

Yes, this feature is called Guest Access

How long does it take to set up? Do we need someone with programming skills?

We do the general setup for you. There is no programming involved on your part to get up and running. You would send us any documents that you want to use as templates and we would integrate them into your site. If your program is one that already exists within our library, we can set it up for you usually within 2-3 business days.

Can I customize the workflows and document templates?

Yes, CaseFlow® allows you to customize the workflows we provide, to add custom tasks or set tasks as Not Applicable. In addition, you can perform the same actions on-the-fly in the midst of case processing. And you can easily manage and update your own document templates.

Can you import my existing cases?

Yes, if you have data within spreadsheets, for an extra fee we can import that data for you. If you must upload a Google or Excel spreadsheet on a regular basis we can place that facility at your fingertips to perform as needed.

Can you import applications and registrations from third-party online forms?

Yes. We currently integrate with JotForms, but we can integrate with most others as well on request.

Can I control what data my users can see?

Yes. Users have both program- and role-based access, which can be modified at any time by your local administrators.

Can I prepare spreadsheet reports?

Yes, our optional Build Your Own Reports feature allows you to create your own re-usable reports in minutes. You can even filter them by any of the data and add totals. For those on a tight budget we provide an assortment of standard reports. We can also program custom reports for a fee.

Can I manage donors and sponsors?

Yes. When coupled with the Document Auto-Fill feature, you can even prepare customized receipts with the click of a button. The Donors program also enables you to easily request updated information about particular sponsored individuals/projects on behalf of sponsors. The Donors module works alongside, but at this time does not replace, a website donation page or shopping cart.

Can you email from it?

Yes, in addition to automatic system-level notifications CaseFlow® provides a variety of recipient-selectable email notifications under the Email Automation feature. Notifications can be sent to a single targeted recipient or broadcast to many. Let us know what kind of notifications you need and we can set it up.

Can my cases be exported as Excel files?

Yes, your case data can be exported into a Word file or an Excel spreadsheet, and all of your stored data files can be downloaded at any time.

Is this a Content Management System (CMS)?

No, we do not provide full CMS capabilities at this time. However, CaseFlow® does allow you to store all of your case documents in the context of related tasks, so they can be easily accessed without searching a file folder. You can also check out/check in documents if you wish, and store others as read-only reference documents. With the Guest Access feature, your clients and contacts may be provided secure access to their own documents and approved forms. And, if you subscribe to the Document Review feature you can track documents as they move to others in your organization. You can also automatically notify someone via email when a new document is uploaded.

Is this an Electronic Medical Records system (EMR)?

No, we do not provide full EMR capabilities. However, CaseFlow® clinic workflows do structure cases around the storage of patient medical records and images, with reports. For small clinics, birthing homes, testing labs and other health providers on a tight budget, this will be a good solution.

Does it integrate with QuickBooks?

CaseFlow® can integrate with QuickBooks. Tell us what you would like to do and we can write a connector for that purpose for an additional fee.

Can it integrate with our legacy software?

Yes, for an additional fee. We only require knowledge of your legacy system. CaseFlow® can function as a front-end to that system.

If there is a required change to a template, such as a compliance update, can you update my open cases to reflect the change?

Yes, once a change is mandated, we can make that change (or show you how to make it) and your open cases will automatically have the update when they are opened.

Does it support barcode and QR code readers?

Yes. Tell us how you use these codes and we can tailor their use within CaseFlow® for greatest time-savings.

Can it help me track budgets?

Yes. Depending upon your subscription, your program module may include budgeting forms and reports.

Can you provide this software in my country?

Yes, if there are no legal restrictions. If your country has data sovereignty laws that require all client data to remain within your country’s borders, contact us to discuss in-country options.

What is a human service?

CaseFlow is software for human service organizations. We define a “human service” as one that helps individuals gain stability and self-sufficiency in any of the following ways: shelter, food, safety, health, treatment of chronic conditions, therapy, counseling and emotional welfare, addictions, legal status, education, training, economics and employment. We do not support any organization with CaseFlow software if we perceive any of its services promote the well-being of one person to the detriment of another.


Within this definition, CaseFlow is available both to profit and non-profit organizations as well as government. CaseFlow is not available to businesses that provide no human service as defined above, nor to group activism organizations (political, environmental, etc.), nor organizations that participate in or promote illegal activity or violence.


If you have any question about whether your organization qualifies to use CaseFlow case management software, please give us a call—we’d love to hear what you do! 

What do I need for a computer?

You can use any modern Windows or Macintosh computer, tablet or smartphone. You can use any modern browser.

Is this cloud software?

Yes. It will require an Internet connection, and all data is stored on our secure servers. However, if you face Internet access challenges please contact us to discuss your needs.

What is your company name?

The company name is ‘Ask4Rain LLC’ but ‘CaseFlow’ is an official ‘assumed business name’. The name ‘Ask4Rain’ comes from Zechariah 10:1 in the Bible, which says “Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, and plants of the field to everyone.” People typically feel that rain is a ‘given’ in the springtime, without acknowledging God as the giver. He wants to provide for everyone’s needs, and that is also our goal with this software—to facilitate help for the needy.

What is a ‘caseflow’?

A ‘caseflow’ is a workflow process. Every human service works with clients who must be taken from point A to point B along a recognized timeline. The client’s ‘case’ contains dozens of tasks to be completed, or progress tracked, along the way and this is a workflow. A typical case requires scheduling, documentation and collaboration between social workers, caregivers, professionals, family members and government agencies. CaseFlow® combines all these facets of case management and workflow practice within a single, easy-to-use software program.

Any questions? Ready to get started?

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