Software for services to the homeless

The challenge

Helping the homeless or housing-vulnerable obtain shelter and services requires so much more than financial backing. It requires a broad range of support systems, inviting home-grown spreadsheets to sprout like weeds. For rescue missions and homeless-oriented groups, daily management of shelter space, meal production and budgets claims so much time. Needs identification and never-ending coaching appointments quickly drain the staff’s emotional batteries. Helping people obtain or sustain permanent housing involves documentation and community coordination. Even tracking client data for grant-writing purposes is a monumental task.


The solution

CaseFlow streamlines organizations and saves at least 25% of their administrative time. Agencies want software that will give them the flexibility to track each program within their portfolio of services using limited staff. It needs to capture all necessary details for both daily planning and long-term stakeholder reports yet be affordable under skinny budgets.


Here is a sample of features CaseFlow can provide to help those who serve the housing-vulnerable:


  • Consolidated services monitoring, both in-house and outsourced
  • Counseling and referral tracking
  • Preparation of HUD Section 8 applications and rental forms
  • Automated statistical reports
  • Workshop management
  • Volunteer and staff vetting and management
  • Role-based community participant access



Expected outcomes

After implementation organizations can expect to see consolidated service-wide management and reporting. Daily management of shelters or apartments, counseling and referrals will be thorough and transparent at-a-glance. Client participation in educational and skills-training opportunities will be simple to track. Staff training time is minimized and volunteers can be used with less effort and risk.

Safety and professionalism

Enhance your image and your confidence in outcomes. Track and recall every item at a moment’s notice.

25% operational boost

Lower your costs, increase your capacity. CaseFlow quickly pays for itself!

End burnout 

Decrease paperwork stress, reduce attrition, regain time for what matters to you!

“CaseFlow has enabled LUCHA to track and monitor our families and households throughout the Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago. CaseFlow allows LUCHA staff to track the populations we serve and their needs. We use the reporting in grant applications and we have used CaseFlow as a training manual to teach our student interns the basics of case management and client note-taking. ”


Emma Epstein, Resident Services Counselor, LUCHA

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