Our Mission

We make it possible for case workers to do their jobs

with less stress over paperwork. In turn, that freedom spills over

into more satisfying and effective client relationships.

We are helping the helpers.

Our Story

One of the most enriching times of my life was the three years I spent as ‘Papa Ken’ to 30+ youngsters in a Philippine children’s shelter. I got to know kids who I dearly love, who have all moved on to families.


It was a terrific place, staffed by people who genuinely loved the kids and could help them cope through the grieving and healing process.  The process for making these children available for adoption (or reunification with biological relatives) was complex. 


The case worker’s job was vital to the children-so much documentation to gather, so many all-day trips to make. They were juggling children’s casefiles that were all in different stages of completion, and I could see it was a real challenge to keep on top of things for each case. It would be easy to focus on investigating one child’s case while losing track of another. 


With a background in software development, I saw my part as bringing to life software that helps the helpers – this is how CaseFlow was born. 


Ken Phillips – Co-founder

Ken Phillips is a 36-year veteran of the computer industry, having been a programmer for 8 years, a technical reviewer for computer networking magazines for 8 years, a technical support analyst, a network installer, and business manager. He helped pioneer software for a popular banking loan system and has designed legacy application interfaces, a payroll system, a biometric timeclock analysis system, and now CaseFlow. Through his experiences programming and reviewing, Ken learned the value of designing software to fit workflow processes – expandable, easy to use and compliant. But his greatest training has been through volunteering in the NGO space – learning the commitment and compassion of human services.

Fe Phillips – Co-founder

Fe Phillips was until recently the Executive Director of a non-profit children’s shelter in the Philippines. Having managed that institution since its opening in 2003, Fe is well acquainted with the challenges faced by NGOs. Fe is also a licensed social worker and understands the stress of managing cases. She has been intimately involved with the design of CaseFlow to assure its usability as well as being a Subject Matter Expert in regard to child-caring agencies. She enjoys gardening, bird-watching and exploring Old West ghost towns.