Disaster Relief Software

The challenge

Relief organizations are used to coping with access and supply issues. Logistics are strained from every angle including record-keeping, especially if clients must be checked off of a list to receive relief goods or cash payments, or record details of deaths or abandonment, etc. Disasters take many forms, so having a flexible platform to absorb data is essential to maintaining organization and evaluating programs.


The solution

CaseFlow can help any relief organization prepare for the next disaster. CaseFlow streamlines relief administration time, meaning paperwork requires fewer boots on the ground. CaseFlow requires no technical expertise to implement and is easy to pick up even by volunteers. Yet it provides the flexibility to encompass all the details and notes your organization envisions to track. And it is affordable to set up in advance.


CaseFlow offers features that give any relief agency the flexibility to prepare for the unexpected:


  • We set up the software for you, tailored to your organization’s procedures—even with a variety of scenario workflows.
  • Field work is possible from any laptop, tablet or smartphone. If the Internet is available in the disaster zone, you can be working on-site.
  • If the Internet is down, offline Excel spreadsheets can be used to capture data for later seamless upload.
  • CaseFlow can complete any of your organization’s reports or government reports from a click.
  • Track donations, purchase orders, repackaging efforts and distributions.
  • Capture available client information simply or thoroughly as the situation requires.


Expected outcomes

After implementation a relief agency can use CaseFlow for training purposes until whenever the next disaster occurs. Then with nothing to deploy but people and devices, you can quickly start taking care of needs. Set up relief efforts in any situation knowing that records can be kept efficiently and with greatest transparency.

Safety and professionalism

Enhance your image and your confidence in outcomes. Track and recall every item at a moment’s notice.

25% operational boost

Lower your costs, increase your capacity.
CaseFlow quickly pays for itself!

End burnout 

Decrease paperwork stress, reduce attrition, regain time for what matters to you!

“Since the implementation back in April of 2018 we have seen a substantial increase in our efficiency pertaining to time-management due to the CaseFlow software…  CaseFlow has increased productivity by 30 to 40% over the last year and a half. It has become a game-changer for Building Arizona Families.”

Adam Scarry Director of Operations, Building Arizona Families

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